Lead Innovation

About us

The business that Lead Innovation Center (LIC) operates is based on the following three pillars:

1) Focusing on automotive and energy-related technologies;
2) Implementing advanced research and project engagement in oversea countries, and;
3) Being a specialist/expert in R&D process and launching new tech business.

For more than 15 years since LIC has founded, we have been engaged in E/E architecture, automated/autonomous driving, V2X/connected, HEV/BEV, HMI/HUD/CID, in-cabin sensing, body structure/multi-material and so forth.

The architecture for automobiles has been totally changed in conjunction with the evolution of semiconductors, telecommunications, ICT, deep learning and AI. As time proceeds, the expansion of the automotive business is being not so easy just by developing monolithic components or systems. What are rather being required these days is the integrations of cross-functional controls, securing the entire reliability and energy efficiency with the solutions.

We have set up these cross-domain technologies and system plans in collaboration with automotive OEMs, Tier-1s and Tier-2s.

For more information, please click to “R&D consulting for automotive” page.

Company introduction

Company Name

Lead Innovation Center K.K. (LIC)

Board Member

CEO: Yuichiro Fujimoto
CNO: Shintaro Hori

Head Office Location

2-3-13-31F Osaka International Building, Azuchi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka


TEL: +81 6 4964 2626
Mail: info (at) lead-innovation-c.com

Company History

  • 2005 year

    Establishing Compass-Solution K.K. (Predecessor company of LIC)

  • 2013 year

    Publishing a book-”Distractive Innovation” regarding car navigation, personal computer, smart phone, photovoltaic generation, game device and automobile

  • 2014 year

    Reorganizing Compass Solution to Lead Innovation Center K.K. specializing in automotive, energy equipment and IT sector

  • 2015 year

    Launching a large number of “sharing of Light Electric Vehicles” by making the most of some know-how on automotive and transportation-related consulting

  • 2015 year

    Developing and deploying “R&D Support System” for major manufacturers

  • 2017 year

    Publishing a book-“Multi-Material Strategy for Automotive Bodies and Components” as a coauthor

  • 2020 year

    Publishing a book-“Precise Sensing Technology for Autonomous Driving” as a coauthor

  • 2021 year

    Developing “Behavior Forecasts of Animals” to connect with ADAS control

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Multi-Material Strategy for Automotive Bodies and Components

  • Precise Sensing Technology for Autonomous Driving

Overview on Jananese Innovator's DilemmaPDFfile 472.4 KBDownload

Technical Expertise

E/E Architecture

・Central computing and Zone ECU
・Software Defined Network

Safety and Connected Domains

・Sensor fusion and ADAS/AD ECU
・On-board camera
・Millimeter wave radar
・LTE, 5G-NR and DSRC
・WiFi, BLE and UWB

Electrification and Charging

・800V-based power architecture
・400V and 800V batteries
・Modularization between drivetrain and charging devices
・Inverter, motor and transmission
・DC-DC converter and OBC
・SiC and GaN
・48V-based power architecture
・Thermal management
・DC/AC charging
・Vehicle to grid (V2G)


・Head-up display (HUD)
・Center-information display (CID)
・Car navigation
・In-cabin sensing/driver monitoring
・Seat and door modules

Body Structure

・Lightweight material
・High-tensional steel, Aluminum, Composite material, CFRP
・Adhesive, Laser, Spot welding
・Process re-constructure from development, prototype, CAE and manufacturing entirely

Energy-related Equipment and System

・Connection management system among renewable energy, energy storage and BEV
・Energy storage (LIB,
・Photovoltaic generation
・Micro grid

Electric and Mechanical Devices

・Power semiconductor
・Logic semiconductor
・Telecommunication sensor
・Health-related sensor

Functional Materials

・Engineering plastics
・Thermal dissipation material
・Conductive material
・Insulating material